Amrita Wellbeing Programs

Amrita, in conjunction with Samujana, offers luxury wellness retreats in the comfort and privacy of your villa.

Amrita’s 360° wellness approach is based on traditional Thai herbs backed by western expertise, nutritional science with delicious menu choices, personalised body fitness and mind practices and organic living awareness.

As a result of this integrated, holistic approach, Amrita offers exclusive wellness experiences with amazing results. You will start looking and feeling better within a few days.

Amrita’s pure and natural detox methodology was created in 2012 in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, when an international team of naturopaths and nutritionists got together and decided to develop an effective cleansing method that applies two ancient medicinal principles: ‘do no harm’ and ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’.

The programs feature refreshing and delicious shakes made with medicinal Thai herbs and plants that cleanse and protect your body, whilst providing plenty of nourishment. This methodology is designed to nourish the body and mind during detox, protect your body from oxidative damage from released toxins and promote toxins release in the body. The result is a deep cleansing effect on a cellular level with a gentle, relaxed, harmonious experience.

All wellness programs at Samujana come with hands-on support from certified naturopaths. The path to better health may not be fully achieved in one short holiday retreat and Amrita programs therefore always include post-program herbal blends and personal online support on wellness and diet.

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