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Explore Samujana


Beautiful Koh Samui is one of the most enchanting islands in Asia, with an outstanding display of wildlife, including turtles, monkeys and dolphins, as well as all of the culture that Thailand has to offer


Each of our architecturally stunning villas offer views that take your breath away, and are appointed to provide you and your guests with the highest levels of relaxation and luxury.


While many of our guests find it difficult to take their eyes away from the view from their private infinity pool, Samujana is also the perfect launch pad for a wide range of activities.


Your private villa is the ideal location to focus on your wellbeing. Wellness retreats and experiences with the top therapists and experts in Koh Samui create unique opportunities for each guest.


Your expansive and inviting villa is the perfect place to entertain, and our dining options have been created to suit. Would you like a Thai meal prepared by your villa manager?


Samujana is just the right place to hold your memorable occasion.